Hermit Crab's problem is that he keeps outgrowing things. When he outgrows his first shell-house, he's a bit scared. The next one he finds is big enough -- but depressingly bare. To his happy surprise, all sorts of beautiful and useful undersea neighbors come to his aid and decorate and protect his home.

Program includes an art project where they get to decorate their own paper crab.

This is a perfect story for kids getting ready to go through a transition in their life.
Do you like ice cream? Lots and lots of ice cream? In the story
The Magic Grinder, we meet Morty and Ferdy the twin sons of a poor working mother and Lord Gurr - their overbearing, greedy employer. Throughout the story, Lord Gurr learns about the consequences of being greedy and the importance of manners!

This interactive program can end in ice cream treats or even build your own ice cream sundaes!

This story teaches manners and the importance of kindess to others.
Ghoulies and blobs and monsters, oh my! In
I Need My Monster by Amanda Noll,we share the humorous story of young Ethan, whose monster Gabe has gone on vacation. As he is looking for a subsitute monster, Ethan realizes the importance of his friendship with Gabe and being loyal to his monster!

Program includes an art project where they get to decorate their own monster.

This story teaches important values like friendship and loyalty to kids and adults alike.
Northern Expressions Arts Collective (NEAC) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to improving our communities using the arts as a primary teaching platform. NEAC promotes family friendly entertainment, artist development, and community service projects. It is our desire for every community to have a thriving arts program to feed local community involvement while we train up the next generation of leaders.
NEAC is pleased to offer our new Stories 2 Life program, which helps to encourage a love of reading for kids of all ages!

The concept is simple: We take a children's book or story (or a chapter from a book for older kids) and turn it into an interactive, theatrical experience that will not only instill a love of literature, but will also teach an important character-building lesson.

We are available for school groups, church groups, daycare centers, or even birthday parties!

Cost: $75.00 - $125.00 per performance
(plus travel expenses if outside Duluth Area)

Here is a small sample of some of the stories we have available, but if you have a story you would like us to adapt please
contact us and let us know!